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Rückblog 2013 # 3: 25 am besten gehörte Tracks, 5-1

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05 Kurt Vile - Waking On A Pretty Day

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Waking On A Pretty Daze" (Matador, 2013)
Singer Songwriter/Roots Rock
Einstieg: 6.5.2013, 24
Peak*: 2
Freier Download: hier.
Zitat: And I gotta think what wisecracks i am going to drop along the way..today.
Sonstiges: Aufwachen und Weiterträumen. Monatsmeister.

04 El-P - The Full Retard

Brooklyn, New York

"Cancer For Cure" (Fat Possum, 2012)
Hip Hop
Einstieg: 21.3.2013, 25
Peak*: 1
Freier Download: hier.
Zitat: Prolly got me on a radar with a dot, these watching plotting minions of the lower God scene. 
Sonstiges: Pointierte Paranoia. Monatsmeister.

03 Little Daylight - Overdose

Chicago, Illinois

"Tunnelvision EP" (Capitol, 2014)
Dance Pop
Einstieg: 25.2.2013, 25
Peak*: 2
Freier Download: hier.
Zitat:  Deep in my heart there is a fire burning, I need you like a drug.
Sonstiges: Perfekt kalkulierte Überdosis. Monatsmeister.

02 Hot Water Music - Drag My Body

Gainesville, Florida

"Exister" (Rise, 2012)
Post Hardcore
Einstieg: 27.8.2012, 17
Peak*: 1
Freier Download: hier.
Zitat: I traded two steps forward for three steps back, to get to know the meaning of showing respect.
Sonstiges: Gefühlsausbruch am Rock-Rollercoaster.

01 Two Gallants - Ride Away

San Francisco, Kalifornien

"The Bloom And The Blight" (ATO, 2012)
Hard Rock
Einstieg: 31.12.2012, 22
Peak*: 1
Freier Download: keiner.
Zitat: Ride away, ride away, baby we wil ride. Sleep upon my shoulder, while the bullets round us fly.
Sonstiges: Zwei-Mann-Hymne. Monatsmeister. In Concert.

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