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Rückblog 2013 # 3: 25 am besten gehörte Tracks, 17-12

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17 Mount Moriah - Only Way Out

  Chapel Hill, North Carolina

"Miracle Temple"(Merge, 2013)
Country Rock
Einstieg: 15.4.2013, 25
Peak*: 12
Freier Download: hier.
Zitat: You return to him ´cos he reminds you of your father.
Sonstiges: Alte Liebe.

16 Billy Bragg - Lay Down Your Weary Tune

London, England

"Chimes of Freedom: Songs of Bob Dylan (Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International)" (Fontana, 2012)
Einstieg: 16.4.2012, 22
Peak*: 1
Freier Download: keiner verfügbar.
Zitat: The cryin´ rain like a trumpet sang and asked for no applause.
Sonstiges: Aus der Schatzkiste des Meisters. Monatsmeister.

15 Charlie XCX - Valentine

London, England

(Webexklusiv, 2012)
Einstieg: 31.12.2012, 25
Peak*: 4
Freier Download: hier.
Zitat: I was told that you loved me, but oviously not.
Sonstiges: Pop-Talentprobe.

14 Sants - Ollie Bob

Jundiaí, Brasilien

"Hy Brazil Vol.1 : Fresh Electronic Music From Brazil 2013"  (Websampler, 2013)
Future Beats
Einstieg: 24.6.2013, 24
Peak*: 5
Freier Download: hier.
Zitat:  -
Sonstiges: Brasilianische Beatschmiedearbeit. Monatsmeister.

13 While She Sleeps - Dead Behind The Eyes

Sheffield, England

"This Is the Six" (Search and Destroy, 2012)
Einstieg: 24.12.2012, 25
Peak*: 4
Freier Download: hier.
Zitat: Surrounding me is a picture of a world gone wrong, paved with sickness and the broken young.
Sonstiges: Schrei es hinaus. 

12 Cat Power - Ruin

Atlanta, Georgia

"Sun" (Matador, 2012)
Indie Rock
Einstieg: 6.8.2012, 25
Peak*: 1
Freier Download: hier.
Zitat: Bitching, complaining, when some people ain´t got shit to eat.
Sonstiges: Erste-Welt-Probleme.

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